Two-Rolls Machines

Two-Rolls Plate Bending Machines has proven for years. It combines features like High capacity, High precision, Profitability.

The machine has superposed bending rolls. The top roll is out of steel where the bottom roll is covered with Urethane. By the impress of the top roll into the flexible bottom roll (Urethane roll), plates will be bent to pipes with high precision. A perfect pre-bending of both sides of the plates will be obtained. By a simple change of the slip-on tubes, different diameters can be formed.

The ideal machine for Big Production and all purpose bending, very easy to operate and maintenance trouble free. All different models of Stölting Two-Rolls Machines guarantee perfect quality of the final product. The pre-bending is eliminated and replaced by the process of one-pass rolling with high speed.

Bending scheme:


Specially used for production of higher diameters. Where the two rolls machine is predefined for a certain range limit of diameters and when the need comes to bend wider diameters: this is the solution.


Using the Flexroll system, the metal sheet is first of all made into cylindrical form and as second operation, it is formed wider by the scrapper blade. It is therefore possible to achieve the required diameter, just by changing the scrapper blade position.

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