SRAH – Three Rolls Machines

Technical Features:

  • Solid steel construction;
  • Hydrostatic drive with Stolting planetary gears;
  • Top and bottom roll driven, the side rolls are driven by auxiliary gears depending of the size of the bending machine;
  • All rolls are driven;
  • Step less adjustment of the bending speed;
  • Hydraulically adjustable side rolls;
  • Inclination of the bottom roll and the side rolls for bending of cones;
  • Hardened wear plate, conical bending facility;
  • Movable control panel;
  • Positioning and synchronization control;
  • Hardened Rollers;
  • CE Certified.

This Three-Rolls Bending Machine is characterized by high security in the bending process. Generated by the clamping pressure between the lower and upper roll the bending plate is backed up constantly, especially in the rather complex pre-bending process. The experience has now been over hundred years, and all our knowledge is reflected in the latest generation of Three Rolls Plate Bending Machine. Depending on the tasks, this model can be built for symmetrical or asymmetrical adjustable bottom rolls.

It’s surely the right machine for large productions.