MCH 3RP – Three Rolls Machines

Technical Features:

  • Three independent driven rolls;
  • Double Pre-bending;
  • Hydraulic system controlling all functions;
  • Configured to make Cones (standard);
  • External hydraulic adjustment for working soft metal;
  • Emergency stop safety cable;
  • Longitudinal Guide grooves in soft lower rolls;
  • All movements hydraulically controlled;
  • Emergency stop cable;
  • Built according EC Safety;
  • CE Certified.

With the rolls arranged in pyramid form, the three rolls are independently driven, allowing a secure and reliable pulling of the plate, of any material and thickness. Allows initials pre-sending and final bending of the plate without having to remove it, as it moves from one end to the other and via rolls. The side rolls, determine the intended bending radius/ diameter.

Bending schemes: