PBMS – Profile Bending Machines

The PBMS series can work with all types of profiles even with high resistance to the bending. All structures are heavily dimensioned and certified in order to guarantee precision and reliability throughout the years.

Technical Features:

  • Unbreakable welded steel construction;
  • Fully hydraulic delivery;
  • Symmetric – asymmetric arrangement of the bending rolls;
  • Hydrostatic three rolls drive;
  • Adjustable bending speed;
  • Digital display for individual information of the separate lower rolls;
  • One set of Standard Rolls;
  • Guide and pressure rollers hydraulically adjustable in three directions;
  • Movable control panel;
  • Hardened universal bending rolls;
  • Centralized lubrication;
  • Emergency Stop Button;
  • Steplessly adjustable rolling speeds;

This Profile Bending Machine is characterized by high performance in the bending process. With PBMS machine you can create various kinds of bending in multiples forms of steel or any others metal alloys, like train rails, bridge and roofs structures, etc. The mobile CN/CNC System offers mobility to execute all bendings in a much more dynamic process. The “Push Pull Device” is an important option to consider, when to control the altitude of the material, not to deform.

It’s surely the right machine for large and mass productions. Contact Us.