MCH 4R – Four Rolls Machines

Technical Features:

  • Four independent driven rolls;
  • Initial and End Pre-bending;
  • Hydraulic adjustment for working soft metals;
  • Emergency stop safety cable;
  • All movements controlled hydraulically;
  • Seven hydraulic pumps;
  • Configured to make cones (standard);
  • Roll pressure regulation;
  • Hardened rolls;
  • Movable CNC or NC Control;
  • Built according EC Safety Directives;
  • CE Certified.

During the bending process, the upper and lower rolls grasp and pull the plate, while the side rolls define the intended radius. This process allows a very easy operational handling, high safety levels, avoiding any inadequate pulling or movement of the plate.

Together with the Linear Guide System on the rolls the strength of the side rolls in transmitted directly to the steel frames. It also makes a very small distance between the center of the Top roll and the center of the Side roll, allowing a very short flat-end.

Bending scheme: